Hi, I’m a serial entrepreneur, speaker, servant leader, and knowledge seeker currently living in Puerto Rico and raised in Chicago. I would consider myself a multi-hyphenate.

I have created this page to provide some more insight into who I am. I am currently on a mission to help founders and organizations build a legacy, something long-lasting and impactful, using my past experience and network in combination with the vast tools that web3.0 provides. One of my priorities this year is to expand my knowledge so I can join founders, artists, and organizations in building value within this new space of web3.0 and NFTs.

I continuously level up my knowledge of project management principles and I obtained certifications as a SAFe 5.0 Scrum Master to help provide more value during my consultations. Also currently working on getting my PMP certification.

Something else that has me super excited is how all this technology will become a bridge to interesting financial opportunities and innovation by allowing people who participate and create within communities to have ownership of their content and other digital assets. Also, I can see already established companies using NFTs and the blockchain to add more value to their clients. Providing more creative and innovative products or solutions. We have a chance to make an impact if we focus on building value within these online communities while leveraging our networks, talent, and blockchain technology.

I come from an almost 10-year journey in the corporate world where I lead various teams and divisions at Enterprise Holdings. It was here I refined my sales, team building/management, and marketing skills. Usually, when I reference these years I say this is my “master’s degree”; due to the amount of insight and experience I gained excelling in different areas of the business over the years.

This previous corporate experience helped me lay the foundation to start my first business 2 years ago. That is when GR Marketing Advisors was born. I have a passion to help founders build a legacy by assisting them with understanding the vast opportunities that exist when marketing online. I also am the general manager for the global marketing agency called Maoio Agency where I lead our team and initiatives within the USA, alongside my friend Filip.

Now with web3.0, I see so many more opportunities that can help founders, creatives, and artists flourish.

In addition, I have more than 10 years of experience in scaling online stores within secondary marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. These are also the marketplaces where I go on late-night treasure hunts looking for the next vintage sneakers, rare books, or shades to add to my collection.

I truly believe this is one of the best times to be alive. The internet has allowed me to reach people all over the world who share my passions, and at the same time has opened doors to opportunities on a global scale.

My interests include marketing, project management, speaking, NFTs, crypto investing, sneakers, fashion, virtual reality, and virtual wearables. I also love RPG games (Final Fantasy, Xenogears, Pokemon, etc.) and collecting physical items such as trading cards, Michael Jordan memorabilia, vintage accessories, antique books, and magazines/comics. I look forward to connecting with others who are passionate about creating unique and fantastic experiences that deliver value to communities and creatives.

Feel free to reach out and let us have fun building the future together.