We believe in unity, helping, and developing one another. At CollectorClub.io, we have initiated our process of giving to those in need and will continue this process of serving to the community as long as we keep a strong knit culture. 

Recently we have made donations to the following entities: 

We donated over 2,000lbs of supplies and articles needed for their shelter. Their shelter provides housing for  up to 67 families that survived domestic violence along with programs to help the families get established. With our donations, the facility was able to provide for the families and bring in extra income by profiting from the goods as most were in ‘New Conditions’.

A $300.00 donation was made to DARE. With this donation, not only were we able to help establish the DARE program within our local schools but also help those in need of mental health services. DARE has now revamped their program with more in depth coverage on drug abuse, substance awareness, cyber bullying, and mental health awareness. 

Our team was able to make our second contribution of donations to our Veterans in need. We collected 311 new items for our homeless Veterans which included blankets, shower wash, hair brushes, deodorant, jackets, unisex shirts and hygiene related products. 

During the month of December, Collectorclub.io was able to partake in a Toy Donation Drive for a local Children’s Hospital in Dallas, TX. With the help of some co-workers and social peers, a total of 154 toys were collected worth over $2300 within a 13 day period. 
To help with the hospital’s requirements, we asked that toys be in new condition and in its original packaging. A variety of toys were collected, from baby plush toys, puzzles, books, sensory toys, to a brand new tablet! 
The toys were delivered on 12/23/22 to the hospital and were then processed by the hospital administration to be cleaned and disinfected. The toys were placed in bags with additional surprises for the kids to enjoy. 
This event turned out better than expected, the experience was fulfilling and we hope to continue the partnership. 
All of us are super proud and enjoyed every part of the process! As 2022 ends, we stand firm on continuing events like these.

We want our holders to know that together we can make a difference and impact the world! We will continue to find opportunities and create events to help promote community engagement. 

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