Techno Coquí Colony

This NFT collection features unique original pieces 
highlighting the coquí, a small tree frog native to
Puerto Rico. All items are created manually,
pixel-by-pixel, and feature inspiration from both
pop-culture and Puerto Rican history. The initial
release consisted of 78 pieces reflecting the number
of municipalities in the island. The collection aims to
bring awareness on how uncontrolled infrastructure
development continues to threat habitats and overall local
quality of life. More releases are continuously being
added to the collection until it caps at 150. The
initial purchase of any of these pieces will guarantee
you an NFT of the baby version listed within the Techno
Coqui Crib (Polygon based) and a unique shirt of your
coqui. You will also be entered into periodic raffles
for new coquíes in the near future.
Price:0.11 ETH
Launch Date: 01-26-2022
Network: Ethereum
Quantity: 150